Album review.
Artist : ChimpanA
Title : The Empathy Machine (2020)

It's been a long time coming but finally, after over a decade, we have the new one from the occasional partnership of Rob Reed (Magenta) and Steve Balsamo (ex-Storys) alternatively known as ChimpanA. Joined on this one by Tony Dallas, Shan Cothi & Rosalie Deighton The Empathy Machine is a highly polished piece of prog-rock which spookily echoes what's going on in the world today.
The music is faultlessly engaging and the whole album takes you on a journey out into the ether with it's Floydian guitars and chilled synthwork. A special mention for Steve's beautiful vocals on this album – and the prophetic tones of Tony Dallas. It may be another 14 years until the next one but, boy, it's well worth the wait !!


tracks : Open Supertramp / It's So Real / Stars French / Speed Of Love / Scream / The Calling / Jack Mix.…