Album review.
Artist : Elaine Gilmore
Title : Love Is Still The Answer (10.12.20)

I recently caught up with Elaine Gilmore and asked her why she's chosen to release an album of Burt Bacharach songs – and more to the point what can she bring to the recordings that hasn't been done before. Well, the answer to my first question was why not ? A good point, and the to the second, well you really need to listen to this gorgeous album yourselves to decide ! Produced by Shabby Road's Al Steele and featuring a who's who of top flight musicians including Paul Smith, Nigel Hart, Phil Jarvis, Simon Allen…..I could go on, or you could buy a CD and read the sleeve notes (hint) ! The point is that this is a real recording featuring real musicians and it shows. The Brass and strings are beautifully used but it's Elaine's voice that takes this album to another level and all those familiar Bacharach tunes that we've grown up with are rejuvinated and restyled and, quite simply, given the world-class treatment they deserve.
This is the perfect Christmas gift for all of the family. It surpasses age, gender and genre because of the love that's gone into making it. Love really is still the answer ! Available to purchase and download now and on CD from next week.