Album review.
Artist : Daf Jones
Title : Paid Troi 'Nol

Ten tracks of whack (as someone once said) just about sums up this great album by, Welsh-language rocker, Daf Jones. Now I'm no native tongue speaker so the lyrics have morphed into the musical landscape and have no meaning for me personally but, you know what, it doesn't matter because Daf's album is all about the music.
Guitars to the fore with some neat studio trickery to keep you on your toes – but nothing to detract from the tunes – these ten tracks are as good as anything you'll hear on the airwaves. Well written, played and produced to a world class standard – Wales may be a small country but, by god, we kick ass when it comes to creativity and passion and Daf Jones, for one, is helping to keep us at the top of the tree !
Welsh speaker or not, take a chance on Paid Trou 'Nol because you will be blown away by Daf Jones. We were. are and will be again !