Album review.
Artist : Kruz Bk
Title : Witness

Before I get into more detail, I must say that this album has been a big surprise. I had been told to expect a self-produced hip-hop album, which would have been impressive in itself, but it has proved to be so much more! The way it felt to listen to the album called ‘Witness’ could be visualised like this: We got ready for the club on a Friday night, seduced some strangers, cried in the bathroom over our exes, slept in the next day, and while having a filling fried breakfast we have spent some time in the sun reflecting on the night before, realised that life is not horrible, and we can start the whole journey with renewed strength on Monday.

The opening song ‘Silent Games’ sets the mood for this dynamic and catchy album. The sad lyrics and the fun-bop instrumentals create this lovely contrast that makes you want more. This contrasting theme could be Kruz’s trademark, because it runs through most of this album and the fact that he turned sadness into amazing hits proves that you can dance all your troubles away (if you want to). All you have to do is give in to the deadly kiss of the rhythm section and you are sorted. Some of those basslines got my head banging like crazy, for refence listen to: ‘She Got Up’ or ‘Dance Dudley’.

To the artist’s credit and my demise, my attention span can be notoriously short, yet I have listened to all 15 songs in one go without pausing once! One of the reasons for that was the journey these songs took me on. Even though there were some recurring themes and vibes, I never knew what to expect next. From club-worthy bangers like ‘Into the Unknown’ to honest and soulful stories in ‘Wasted’ and from that to the seducing ‘She Got Up’, you could find lots of Kruz’s experiences and emotions about the human condition. Sometimes you could hear the white trainers squeaking on the dancefloor, moving to the killer combination of a sadder melody with the punchy vocals in ‘Hard for Yourself’. Or after hearing the Kesha-like ‘Hey Now’ you just want to put some heels and lippy on and hit the ‘cluuuurb’. If you feel you need a good cry head over to ‘Wasted’. If you don’t have time for a self-help book, then you can surely spare 4 and a half minutes on the 12th song ‘Give a Little Love’. A smile on your face is guaranteed afterwards.

Kruz wrote and produced a wide range of moods and emotions which prove how versatile of a songwriter he is, and I would love to see him perform these songs live.

He ends this wonderful journey with the track called ‘Figured it out’. It feels to me that we, as an audience, accompanied him on this roller-coaster he has been on, and now he has, as the title suggests, figured it out. This song fills you with the same kind of satisfaction you have when all is well again in the Lion King. Although, I do not know about his personal life, I do think that when it comes to music, he has definitely figured out how to capture an audience. The lyrics says, ‘staying happy is the key to life’, and I think it is a lovely message to end an album with.

This has been a wonderful experience and I am very grateful that it was me who could listen to and review this album.

@Zsofia Pasztori-Kupan
Zsófia is a pop and commercial music student in Wales intent on becoming a music journalist we think she already is !

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