Album review.

Artist : Anonymous Iconoclasts.
Title : AI (2018)

Cardiff-based Anonymous Iconoclasts don’t half rock on this great album ! ‘A.I.’ is a collection of 14 fantastic, self-penned tracks – I mean these guys just don’t put a foot wrong ! They’re obviously made like a fine vintage wine and have a few years experience between them all but that adds to the whole feel of the album – more a kick-ass, world-weary cynicism than youthful optimism on this release, but that’s what makes it so refreshing. ‘A.I.’ could have been released at the end of the ’70s or ten years later – this music is timeless, It’s classic and we love it !
Listen out for ‘Tomatoes’ on this Wednesday’s drivetime show on Radio Tircoed between 4 & 6pm !