Album review.
Artist : Cheryl Hillier.
Title : **It Happens
Label : private release (2015)

Along with some great tunes, there are some pretty bleak warnings within this album – did you know that the UN predicts only 60 more years of productivity in the Earth’s soil ? Or that we need to cut emissions by 50% to stand a chance of keeping global warming below two degrees ?
Cheryl Hillier has made it her mission to spread the word in the best way she knows – by making fantastic music, and on ‘**It Happens’ she is joined by Pete Thomas, Finn Booth, Joe Henwood and Jonny Enser who all have supported her in making this a reality.
Don’t think that this is a collection of flag waving, lesson giving misery – it’s far from that. The songs are strong on melody and the delivery is full of passion and there’s even some humour amongst the darker moments. Intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics woven around some of the most important subjects in our world today with a backdrop of wonderfully played music.
On the sleeve notes Cheryl says that ‘songwriting has always been a necessary vent….’ Well, keep on venting because we love what you have to say !

for your copy, contact Cheryl via her facebook page.