Album review.
Artist : Chris Noir.
Title : Old Dreams
Label : private release (2018)

A long-time favourite of ours, Chris Noir is returns with a 6 track mini album recorded back in the Spring of this year. The Zed Motel frontman delivers these stripped back originals in a laid back and easy style – his guitar work, as always, is beautifully played and it’s lyrically heartfelt and empassioned. A soul laid bare forcall to see.
Chris, the man, is quietly spoken and self effacing – Chris the singer and songwriter oozes a natural confidence and charm which makes his music even more attractive – a slow smile spreads across your face as the album moves along. It’s a complete joy from start to finish.

Tracks : Nineteen / Dashboard / All Good Things / Dreams* / Rushmore / Instant Photo.
*Fleetwood Mac