Album review.

Artist : Georgia Fearn.
Title : Perfect On Paper (2018)

It’s amazing how many great young, singer-songwriters are emerging from West Wales right now – we’re constantly surprised at the quality of music that’s being made !
Georgia Fearn is just one of these artists and her new album, Perfect On Paper, is a fantastic and bombastic gem !
Strong, original songs with crystal clear delivery and some unusual instrumentation which make this a refreshing listen and a change from either the generic muzak that we’re fed or the rock’n’roll anti-thesis.
There are big, Bond-like themes and sweeping string-driven ballads as well as more intimate tracks on here – a strong collection but maybe the sound of someone trying to find their own sound and style rather than someone who has settled in their own musical skin.
We seriously love this but look forward to hearing Georgia develop over the next few years – this girl is good. Very Good.