Album review.

Artist : Glas
Title : Blue
Label : Proper Records
Country : UK (2018)

Album number three, and the first on a major label, from the boys from Blackwood ! I must admit, I had a few concerns for this one – the first album with a dedicated producer in a top recording studio on a big label ! Would it dilute the raw energy and creativity that Glas are known for ?
Well, no is the answer ! ‘Blue’ is as raw and driven as a live gig. It’s fuelled with a rare energy and passion that you have to travel far and wide to hear these days. Glas combine all the traits of the classic three piece – a powerhouse of solid rhythms between drum and bass overlaid with unbelievable guitar lines from James Oliver !
The late Steve Elsdon brought Glas to our attention a few years ago and he was a man who knew his music, they’ve been praised by everyone from Deke Leonard to Bill Kirchner – get the picture ?
These guys are good…….no, these guys are great ! ‘Blue’ is a rock’n’roll lovers delight from start to finsh – no gimmicks or tricks, just pure, unadulterated rock and roll !
Glas are David John, James Oliver & Sam Andrews.
‘Blue’ is out on March 30th