Album review.

Artist : Ian ‘Cal’ Ford & his Acoustic Preachers.
Title : S/T
Release date : early Spring 2018

Ian ‘Cal’ Ford has long promised to release an album of his favourite tunes and now he’s delivered ! You’ve got to admit that he’s chosen some fantastic tunes to cover on here by some of the biggest country stars – but you know what ? He pulls it off !
This is a great introduction to one of the world’s greatest bluegrass stars – if you’re not familiar with him already, and if you are already a fan then this is an album that you’ll love.
Ian grew up steeped in music and his father (Cal Ford – the Welsh Johnny Cash) ensured that he carried on the family legacy by introducing Ian to this music from an early age – he’s now made the sound his own and taken it to new and giddy heights – there’s a raw passion here, every track delivered with feeling that only comes when you’re at one with the song.
Ian ‘Cal’ Ford & his Acoustic Preachers are getting rave reviews around the world right now with this new album and their live shows. If you get the chance to see them – go ! Buy the album. cherish it, love it and take it home !