Album review.
Artist : Oblong.
Title : Briliant…Gwd (2017)

Spiky post-punk guitars with strong melodies and great production make Oblong’s debut a sheer joy from start to finish. Couple that with some great songwriting & delivery and you get quite possibly the strongest album release of last year from a Welsh language (bi-lingual really) band.
Twelve tracks, which at times were reminiscent of Wire, each with it’s own quirky hook giving this Llanelli band an edge that many bands lack – songs about politics, the world we live in and, unsurprisingly, love.
Oblong have been together for just over two years and have a great future ahead of them if this release is anything to judge them on – we’re betting any money that they’re a fantastic band to see live !

tracks : S’dim ots da fi / This aggression (I will not stand) / 2600 (dau chwech cant) / 50 miles on empty / Un a dim / Post punk world / Tunguska / In the lemon tree / Sganwyr / Hold on / Max sant / Destination zombietown.