Album review.

Artist : Salad Days.
Title : Irimi (2002).

Recorded at the by-now legendary (and defunct) Mighty Atom Studios in Swansea, Salad Days’ second release is amazingly 16 years old ! ‘Irimi’ sounds as fresh and vibrant today as it did back in 2002.
Formed in 1999, Salad Days were a hard-hitting, post-punk trio featuring Ed Purcell, Ben Leach & Kristopher Green who with a little help from The Princes’ Trust recorded ‘Nuthin’ Fancy’ – their debut release.
Describing themselves, at the time, as ‘the cutting edge of British emotional hardcore punk’ – and it’s easy to see why. There’s great tunes and some frenetic playing going on here with a raw and passionate delivery. If you’re lucky enough to own a copy of ‘Irimi’ you’ll know all this already – if you don’t it might be time to get searching the internet or you may even get lucky at a local boot-sale……….Just get a copy now !