Album review.

Artist : The Pollen Count.
Title : Everything Is Nothing, Nothing (2018)

Released on Saturday, it seems like this has been a long time in the making – but, boy, well worth the wait !
If you want to listen to an album packed full of intriguing melodies, intricate beats which looks backwards and forwards all at once this is the one for you – an insane mixture of hard, gritty retro-futurism taking music to places it has no right to exist in !
These boys have produced something totally unique and exciting in a soundscape which has been left to stagnate by the homogenised X-factor-types of this world.
We’d normally pick out some stand-out tracks but it’s just impossible – every track on this debut is a winner. Every track is an assault on the senses and every track 100% Pollen Count.
We had the privilege to see them perform the album live in it’s entirety at the recent Cwmafanfest but nothing (NOTHING) could prepare us for what this album delivers.
Get hold of your copy, crank up the volume on the hi-fi and prepare yourself for the roller-coaster ride of your life.
After listening to this music will never be the same again.

tracks : Big Decision / Tell The Man / Cold / If I Gave You A Gun / Just Enough / The Flawed / White Lines / Needaknife / Hot On Your Heels.