Album review.

Artist : The Tremblin’ Knees
Title : Live
Label : private pressing (2018)

45 years in the making but we finally have an album by the legendary Welsh rock’n’rollers, The Tremblin’ Knees.
Recorded back in November 2016 at Pez Anderson’s Abertawe Road Studios and produced by Kevin Jones of Eastriver Studios, ‘Live’ is a collection of classic rock and roll hits delivered in style as only true professionals can.
Listening to the album you can smell the sweat and feel the energy that was being produced by these four veteran musicians on the night. ‘Live’ is the The album to beat all live albums – you won’t hear better. Their pedigree is unmatched.
The line up on this recording was Tony ‘Plum’ Howells, John Corbett, Kevin Dunn & Ronnie Beynon.
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