Single review.

Artist : Gareth Lewis

Title : All Because of You.

Gareth Lewis has long made it known that he’s battled with depression throughout his adulthood. But like most musicians drawn to songwriting it is these very demons which inspire his best writing. Latest single, 'All Because of You' treads the fine line between introspection and euphoria as Lewis examines the universal themes of struggles and saviours. In a world where everyone wants to be #relatable 'All Because of You' stands up as a personal message of survival delivered with enough energy and heart to move an audience. James Weaver's production is bright and engaging. And it’s credit to Weaver, Lewis and pianist Andy Morgan’s playing that they sound like a band blasting through one of their live favourites, rather than musicians laying down tracks in a studio. Lewis’ vocal and guitar work is strong and it’s no wonder that he is gaining more interest from playlisters across Wales. Accompanied by a lyric video from SWND that offers a lot more than just words this is a digital release you’ll want to watch.

John-Paul Davies…

All Because of You

All Because of You is the first single from Gareth's 2020 EP, which will be released later this year. The song has a mental health theme – in particular, the…