Classic Welsh Single.
Artist : Fillmore
Title : Spider-Man Stripsearch / Acrobat
Label : Guava 001
Country : Wales (2004)

Private pressing from Swansea’s Fillmore featuring the one and only music machine that is Bruce Fellowes ! Watch out for his latest release due early next year – the long awaited Fire Chief 5 album.

Bild könnte enthalten: ‎Text „‎FIGGMORE SPIDERMAN STRIPSEARCH A Guava Music guava001 Songs written by Bruce Fellowes ©2004 Guava Music ק M M AK i YA‎“‎Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Nahaufnahme und InnenbereichBild könnte enthalten: Text „FILLMORE ACROBAT B Guava guava001 Music Songs ©2004 written by Bruce Guava Music Fellowes“