EP review.

Artist : Kyle Kirkhouse

Title : Songs From the Attic

Label : private release.

I love soul. Everyone should. You are one, I am one. It's a kind of self-love that doesn't make you blind. Talking about being blind and in love, Haverfordwest's Kyle Kirkhouse shows us his potential with his soulful song 'Split'. It's a thoughtful piece, all about the ups and downs, mostly downs, of being at the end of a relationship. We've all been there; not a nice place to be. And Kyle expresses the emotions of these moments in life with sensitivity. It's a rhythmic piece; the excellent work that Kyle is producing would benefit, I suggest, from a good soul band backing him up; with some harmonising sistaz. I think Kyle would be quite a phenomena working with a live band like this. In my opinion, it's pointless having something as malleable an art-form as song if you're not going to stretch it around a bit. And Kyle does this with his imaginative use of chords that effortlessly mix in with his feel for melody. 'Split' expresses emotion in an all too human way. A snap-shot of a life; which is what a good story, and a good song about the story, are supposed to be. He his words and his ideas and meld them into sung poetry. All this amounts to the art of beautiful song writing. Watch for Kyle Kirkhouse. If he comes to a venue near you – go take a Butcher's Hook.

Gareth Davies