Here's last week's show with John Rogers Prosser & Paul Vile playing live in the studio and chatting about their album "The Girl Always Wins".
Also features tracks from Lunar Bird, Dienw, Forever Vendetta, The Remainders, Christian Aaron Perry, Keith Christmas, KIM HON, Casi & the blind harpist, Gwen Màiri, Headnoise, Picsel, Prosperina, William Poyer, I SEE RIVERS, Joel Morgan & Bandicoot

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John Rogers Prosser & Paul Vile on The Flipsy McCaw Show 16/10/19

John & Paul join Sarah & Mike in the studio to chat about their latest album, "The Girls Always Wins" plus play some live and exclusive tracks. The show also features tunes from Dienw, Christian Perry, Kim Hon, William Poyer, Casi and the blind harpist, Gwen Mairi, I See Rivers and many more.