Music review.
Artist : Karen Gemma Brewer
Title : Backspace Man (2021)

Anyone who knows us will know that we are big fans of Karen Gemma Brewer – the multi-award winning poet, singer, author and……..bookshop owner ! (visit Aberaeron's Gwisgo Bookworm). Although not yet officially released, we've been given an exclusive listen to her latest commentary on the world we live in. All the biting wit is there in abundance and 'Backspace Man' is an extremely clever and entertaining view of life right now (and in the future)…… 'back when we used to shake hands' is one line that stays with you long after the song ends. It's funny and sad – a true reflection of 2021. Can we change it ? That's up to you.
We highly recommend that you check out Karen's published works and her live performances – whenever they happen again !