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Artist : Lunar Birdar Bird
Title : Swallow Man Aviary

In the Nineties dream pop – AKA dreamcore – emerged, its exemplars to me Japan's ethereal Tokyo duo Sugar Plant, long forgotten geniuses beloved to me of a still niche genre. So when

Swallow Man Aviary dropped, Lunar Bird's self-proclaimed "dream pop from outer space", I paid attention. Forming in Italy in 2017 before moving to the UK, the Italian/Welsh band on this new single, the latest in a series launched in 2018, featuring founder and singer Roberta Musilami to the fore, cascade bright stones lightly skipping across a stream, uplifted and focused. It's an effective, consciously catchy concoction, just shy of running slight. The main signifiers of dream pop are here: ethereality, pronounced melody, shot through with degrees of retrospective but not nostalgic energies. A single with feet that refuse to touch the ground, this is after many listens remains an elusive and somehow fascinating listen, an impression hard to make in times when what has "all been done before" can seem synonymous with better. Far from yesterday, more a future sound in suspension, Swallow Man Aviary wins on imagination infused with a slow-release charm and beauty initial listens don't quite reveal. Give it time and it will give you space. Deal?

Jeremy Gluck