Single review.
Artist : Carolines
Title : Money
Date : 07/20

All songs are about love or money in the end and that's the truth which ever way you cut it, but that's not to say all songs are the same – and the latest track by Cardiff's favourite Indie-rockers, Carolines is a stormer. Starting off with what sounds a bit like a Gemini Jets riff 'Money' soon takes off on a trajectory all of its own with jangling guitars overlayed with a sympathetic lead line, a solid backbeat and some great vocals from Ashley Kidd (I just wish the bass was a bit more to the front). The song has the feel of a 90's Britpop classic and, believe me, you'll be singing along by the end of the first chorus.
Carolines are a great live band and going by this latest release (and 'Taxi' before it) they are building up a strong body of recorded work too. When's the album out boys ?…