Single review.
Artist : CHROMA
Title : Head in Transit
Date : 07/20

A Time Capsuled Tale of Pent-Up Frustration

Over the past few years, valleys alt rock trio CHROMA have been establishing themselves as one of south Wales’ best live acts. Recently they've gone from strength to strength, headlining the Cardiff Eisteddfod’s Maes B stage in 2018 and winning the Cardiff Music Award in 2019. They’ve gained a reputation as a raucous live act with a loyal fan-base, wowing audiences with lead singer Katie Hall’s fearsome vocals, drummer Zack Mather’s show-stopping drum theatrics, and the virtuoso buzz of Liam Bevan’s lead basslines. When listening to the band you sometimes forget that it’s just two instruments and a vocalist creating such a maelstrom of sound.

Their most recent single, ‘Head in Transit’, strikes a more pensive note than their usual grunge/punk flavours they display on their much-lauded singles, ‘Vampires’ and ‘Girls Talk’. With its unsettling, fuzzy bass and tom-heavy beat, the recent single’s intro simmers with the tension of an Audioslave track before Hall’s artfully balanced lyrics begin. As the track goes on, Hall shows the range of her vocals as she sings: ‘my head was lot in transit’, the high, delicate note floating above the effortless half-time shift on the drums. This short interlude segues into a crescendo as another supernova riff erupts. Rather than stick to a tight verse-chorus structure, the track is adventurous, focusing on building and releasing tension.

Osian Oll