Single review.
Artist : The Unknown Brothers
Title : Toxicity (13/09/20)

You may have heard the new one from The Unknown Brothers on a recent interview that Mike recorded with the duo (it's still up on our mixcloud channel – check it out). If you're not familiar with their brand of guitar based lo-fi indie pop/rock you really should be. They've been quietly building up a great collection of original songs over the last few years with a range of eclectic influences which fuse together to create a quite unique sound utilising a wide range of instrumentation.
'Toxicity' is the latest offering and it opens with some guitar before the haunting vocals merge and bring along some piano and slide (?) with layered backing vocals – it's a fantastic sound and one that these guys have made their own.
I'd really like to see some music videos from The Unknown Brothers as they have such a cinematic sound. It's something that would help bring them to a wider audience. But for now it's music we have and let's be grateful for it !…/theunknownbrothers/toxicity…