Single review.
Artist : Jodie Marie
Title : Carageen
Label : Carmel Records (18/09/20)

If absence makes the heart fonder, then waiting for around 4 years for some new solo music from Jodie Marie has just about made us crazy ! And boy, was it worth the wait ! Signed to the newly formed Carmel Records (a nod to the location of StudiOwz where JM records) this is a taster for the full album, due out early next year and called 'The Answer'. As Jodie Marie told me on release day, it's an old song that she's had sitting around for some time that was co-written with Ed Harcourt – and it's a stormer !
So what's Jodie Marie been doing for the last half-decade ? Well, musically, she teamed up with Bella Collins to form Sister Bodhi which explored the rootsier side of her music but she also bought and totally renovated an old Welsh chapel with her partner, the wizard-producer, Owain Fleetwood Jenkins and the duo now run the much sought after StudiOwz in rural Pembrokeshire.
'Carageen' starts with rolling piano closely followed by Jodie Marie's sublime vocals which have a slight touch of Billie Holliday at times – the whole song has a very nostalgic feel to it. It's like the song has always been a part of your subconscious (a sign of brilliance ? Certainly the sign of a great song). The backing vocals are ghostly in their presence, like a shadow over the main lyrics, and take the listener towards a darker interlude before we're brought back to a lighter place, filled with sunlight, by JM's singing. 'Carageen' is just about perfect in our book, a very welcome return for Jodie Marie's solo career and we can't wait for more !