Single review.
Artist : Elle J Music
Title : Pretty Damn Fine.

Lockdown has brought out the best and the worst in people, for some it's been a financial and social nightmate while others have risen to the challenge and put their middle finger up to inept government and just got on with it……..some much better than others ! Elle J started uploading her versions of songs to YouTube and was amazed to get a message from top LA music producer Danny Saber asking her if she'd like to collaborate. Danny has worked with David Bowie, Seal, Madonna to name just a few and is also in Black Grape and Agent Provocateur – this guy knows a thing or two !
25 year old Elle J lives in Swansea with her family and has plans to record an album in the new year – and with Danny backing her anything could happen.
'Pretty Damn Fine' is a sure fire hit on the dancefloors and has all the hallmarks of a great release. It's very 'now' without being guilty of following anyone's sound. It's a refreshing new song that will get some serious airplay across the globe !


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