Single review.
Title : Here (10/20)

Another cracker of a track from Sarah Brown ! 'Here' is the latest release from the Cardiff singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the UK over the last few years with a string of A-listed singles – and is now being noticed around the world !
Sarah says, 'I wasn’t planning on releasing ‘Here’ or even showing it to people.
It’s no secret that I’ve had my own struggles with mental health over the years but I’ve never been sure if it’s something I should I talk about or not.
As an artist, my biggest ambition is to inspire and bring positivity to people… and it’s kinda difficult to do that if I’m constantly posting about my negative headspace.
But I also want to be authentic.
If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from the times that I HAVE shared my truth, its how many people have responded that they feel the same.
There’s such power in knowing that you’re not alone and that’s the message of this song.
So I had to put it out.
I WILL keep talking about mental health and reminding you that my DM’s are always open if you need someone to talk to.
This song is my promise to you that I’m right here'.
Listen to the lyrics, feel the beat and slip into the world of Sarah Brown – she's one to watch x