Single review.
Artist : Meilir
Title : It Begins / Ydy'd Ffordd Yn Glir
Label : Gwdihw Records (10/20)

There's always a thrill at 'discovering' new music and although Meilir Tomos is no new name to the Welsh music scene the experimental singer-songwriter is only now releasing his debut album !
The first two singles lifted from 'In Tune' – one in Welsh, the other English are both progressively experimental but with an underlying and fundemental basis in the past. They are soulful tunes sung with heartbreaking honesty and you can almost feel his pain. For fans of Meilir you'll have to wait until December 4th for the entire album but these two tracks are enough to keep even the most hardened fan afloat.
Produced and recorded by Charlie Francis at his Loft Studio in Cardiff 'In Tune' is eagerly anticipated and you can hear the producer's influence/guidance/collaboration as echoes of The High Llamas and Sweet Baboo weave in and out across the tracks. An emotional experience and one that's been 8 years in the making. Listenig to these it was worth the wait. Sublime.…