Single review.
Artist : Lunar Bird
Title : Emerald and Blue

Light hot on the heels of their ethereal Swallow Man Aviary, Cardiff's Lunar dream pop birds take flight once again. The lateral taster to their soon-come debut album, Emerald and Blue sees Sicilian-born RWCMD graduate jazz singer, songwriter and synth player Roberta Musillami and her able colleagues deliver with skill. Given Musillami's roots in The Boot, where dream pop precursor psychedelia is always a big deal, the swinging pastel pop tones of Bird's sound comes as no surprise, summoning memories of mid-Sixties easy listening. Deploying a comfortable aural palette, this is a single walking on the mild side, a gentle, warm and happy sidestep from the anxieties and hazards of our viral passage. An album should give Lunar Bird the opportunity to be seized to demonstrate more depth to match their present undoubted breadth and depth. For now this is a very pretty way to pass the time.

Jeremy Gluck