Single review.
Artist : The Palm Beats Collective
Track : I Don’t Think We’ll Ever Stop (05.02.21)

Two words: sun and fun. These were the first things that popped into my head when I first heard this song. If you are fed up with this whole lockdown and lack of parties or if you are in need of a quick boogie in the kitchen, this has been written for you. The upbeat melody of this dance pop instrumental reminds me of those hot summer parties, with cocktails, denim shorts and sunglasses. The production shows great craftsmanship, and it seems very radio friendly. The vocals blend in nicely with it all, and they give me a 90s girl band vibe. I’d recommend it to people who loved songs like Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You or Avicii’s Waiting for Love, because it has that 2010’s theme running all the way through. Even if it carries a lot of nostalgia, this song still sounds fresh and current when it comes to the clap-based beat and the club-like midi melodies.

I hope that the writers will keep their promise and never stop writing tunes like this! Now sit back, or should I say jump up, and enjoy this little piece of summer.

Zsófia Pásztori-Kupán

Zsófia is a popular and commercial music student in Wales intent on becoming a music journalist – we think she already is !