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Artist : Mali Hâf
Title : Refreshing/Ffreshni (Udishido)

After wowing audiences as the only female songwriter on Cân i Gymru, Mali Melyn has changed her stage name back to Mali Hâf to launch her recording career with this bilingual release. Refreshing/Ffreshni opens through filtered electronics that rise to reveal Mali Hâf’s exceptional R&B vocals. Her tone could be compared with Corrine Bailey Rae and the hooks of her melodic writing are subtle yet compellingly engaging. Unusually for a modern production, where vocals are often so high in the mix, Mali Hâf’s collaborator, DJ Shamoniks, almost buries her singing underneath layers of undulating electronica. I’d prefer to hear Mali Hâf’s subtleties and vocal idiosyncrasies a little clearer, especially as the Welsh and English language versions show a real change in tone as Mali Hâf’s timbre deepens, so beautifully, for the celtic vowel sounds. But this debut release shows real intent and style that’s, well, refreshing to hear.

John Paul Davies

JP is a writer, teacher and musician with an impressive BMuS (Hons) in Jazz & Contemporary Music. You can catch him regularly in Buzz Magazine as well as performing original music as part of Tanglejack.
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