Single review.
Artist : Alan Dreezer
Title : Equal (12.02.21)

Ever since I first heard Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder's I Feel
Love playing in a gay club in Earls Court over forty years ago and
thinking it sounded like Cecil B DeMille on acid, I've been a major
fan of dance music. From '70s disco to EDM via Euro-pop, Italopop
and Techno-Pop, it's been a long pleasure-filled journey taking in
everything from Boris Midney to Dua Lipa (though Cheeky Girls can
stay where they are, down in the disco dungeon).
Now along comes singer/songwriter Alan Dreezer with his new single EQUAL that apart from being a banging dance/electronic track is a perfectly timed plea for unity in both political and personal spheres.
Taken from the forthcoming album HEALED, it's great to hear that
proceeds from the track will go to his chosen charity, a non-profit global movement set up to promote peace and harmony at a time when the world needs it most.
I feel love indeed.

Keith Williams

Keith is an MTV pioneer, scriptwriter and film maker who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music world in the UK & Hollywood, where he made videos with Elton John, Bonnie Tyler, Billy Idol, Supertramp, ELO, Spandau Ballet, Stevie Nicks & Donna Summer – to name just a few. Now back in Wales he continues to make films, write scripts and has recently completed his autobiography.