Single review.

Artist : Dunkie
Title : Can A Song Save Your Life (2018)

We really shouldn’t be, but we always are – amazed, that is, by the quality of music being made in Wales right now. Over in Mountain Ash lives Anthony Price and he’s been working on his own music project (with a little help from his friends) for a little while now. While you’ve been on your way to work he’s been writing tunes, while you’ve been cooking dinner he’s been penning lyrics and, for all we know, while you’ve been sleeping he’s been coming up with beautiful melodies. One of those is ‘Can A Song Save Your Life’ and it really is something special – from the opening grungy riff to the breathy vocals and exquisite melody it has you hooked. Think Eels with a Welsh twist and you won’t be far off the mark ! If this is typical of what we can come to expect from Dunkie then bring on the album !!! We can’t wait x