Single review.
Artist : dunkie
Title : Sugar (2018)

‘Sugar’ is a love song.
‘Sugar’ is probably the best love song of 2018.

There is something quite beautiful about the way Dunkie writes his songs, each one is a little masterpiece with a sincerity and a heartfelt message – but that apart, it’s the melody and musicianship that’s so evident on his music that makes him stand out from everyone else. ‘Sugar’ sounds like a simply constructed song but dig a little deeper and you start to appreciate the intricacies and different layers that make up this track. This guy really is something quite special ! On ‘Sugar’ Dunkie is supported by the wonderful Lucy Athey and the song itself is influenced by Richard Matheson’s book ‘What Dreams May Come’ – he’s made it his own, a love song, a song of thanks to his soulmate no doubt !

The second single to be taken from Dunkie’s forthcoming album is released, digitally, tomorrow and there will be limited quantities of physical copies available when he plays Jac’s at Aberdare this Saturday. You can order ‘Sugar’ on the link below from tomorrow……….