Single review.

Artist : Greenmailer.
Title : Play It Like An Ending (2018)
Label : Silas Records.

It’s been over two years since Greenmailer’s breathtaking album. Scattered On The Mile, was released to huge critical acclaim and in that time the boys have been busy, in the studio, back working with Dan Angelow at the controls.
The first single to be released from their soon-to-be released album is ‘Play It Like An Ending’ – a monster of a track complete with a heavy, relentless riff, pounding bass lines and Hywel Griffiths’ solid rhythms throughout – there’s a great moment at 3.01 mins when all the guitars drop out leaving him to carry on with just drums and vocals before everyone crashes back in !
This track is huge and if this is the taster we can’t wait for the album !
Greenmailer are Mark Roberts, Steve Aherne & Hywel Griffiths.
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