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Artist : Môrgan Elwy
Track : Aur Du A Gwyn (Feb 2021)

My introduction to Welsh reggae has been wonderful, thanks to the song called Aur Du A Gwyn. It was written by Morgan Elwy during the lockdown-fuelled summer of 2020. Taking that into account, it’s a surprisingly positive tune. Despite the fact that I don’t speak Welsh, I have had a lot of fun listening to this track. As the artist said: the song is about peace and brotherhood in an unjust society. While I don’t dispute that being the case, it must be said that even if you don’t understand the words, the unforgettable bassline and Morgan’s jolly vocals made me want to grow my hair and run around barefoot in the sand with a big smile on my face. (The only thing that kept me from doing that was the cold weather outside). His influences include Gruff Rhys, Neil Young, the Police and Bob Marley.

Oh and the video clip definitely made me giggle. The animation is so out of place and quirky, there’s no way that you don’t fall in love with the penguin by the end of the song. Or if not the penguin then at least the dog with the Lennon-esque glasses. It was shot at Parys Mountain, Anglesey and it premiered on the 5th of February, 2021. Please, please, please watch and listen to this wonderful bundle of joy.

Zsófia Pasztori-Kupan

Zsófia is a popular and commercial music student in Wales intent on becoming a music journalist – we think she already is !

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