Single review.
Artist : Ritual Cloak
Title : Opaque Crater (05.02.21)

Ritual Cloak’s new single “Opaque Crater” is a mesmerising testament to the foundations of electric music. The song spends a large portion of its time creeping along with the melody laid down in its impending intro only to erupt in a vibrant finale that splashes through the beat like a wave of sound cascading slowly as it crashes. It’s only fitting that the single artwork features a collage as the final minute of the song plays out like a patchwork medley of sonic expression, bringing things to a satisfying conclusion.

The minimalist style and steady crescendo is reminiscent of early John Carpenter and ’80s sci-fi movies. Although this track might serve best as a beginning to an album rather than a standalone single, it still manages to groove and pulsate in a way that leaves it imbedded in your mind for days to come.

Max Wright

Originally from Chicago, Max now lives in Neath and is a film student at UWTSD. Music is his greatest passion – with a deep love of all things rock’n’roll, punk and garage. After falling in love with Wales he is now learning to speak the language !

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