Single review.

Artist : Sister Wives
Title : Wandering Along (Rwy’n Crwdro)
Label : Libertino (2021)

“Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwdro” by Sister Wives is a spellbindingly hypnotic single sure to enthral you with its entrancing sonic reverberations. The track opens steadily with a fuzzed-over post-grunge style guitar and immediately kicks into full gear with pseudo-psychedelic high pitched resonances. The repetitive Welsh-language lyrics serve as a minimalist complementation to the intense and beguiling melody. This is the kind of music that deserves to be played in basement parties late at night as the evening’s festivities descend into depravity and chaos. Sister Wives have a wonderful way of doing so much with very little and this song is a perfect example of that. As the distortion and the passion amps up in the final minute of the song this tune truly hits its peak. “Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwydro” is a perfect track to reflect on as you let the auditory barrage wash over you.

Max Wright
Originally from Chicago, Max now lives in Neath and is a film student at UWTSD. Music is his greatest passion – with a deep love of all things rock’n’roll, punk and garage. After falling in love with Wales he is now learning to speak the language !