Single review.
Artist : The Cult Of Free Love.
Title : Visions / Transendence.
Label : private release (2018)

‘The Cult of Free Love is a musical collective from the mystical landscape of North Wales. Relatively little is known about the band or it’s members, although it is understood that this is not their first dip into the murky, shallow waters of the music industry. What is known however, is that their debut album ‘Love Revolution’ is imminent, and who knows, where talk exists of them being an actual living, breathing cult, it may prove foolish to doubt them….’

So says the blog on the band’s page and all the mystery aside these guys are good ! World music edging on the side of Psychedelic trance with a hypnotic beat. There’s a 90’s feel to the music – which may give you a clue as to their age – but it’s given a whole new breath of life by imaginative production and layering which works surprisingly well on both tracks. If the rest of the album is as good as these two tracks then we’re all in for a treat !

‘Switch off your mind, relax and float downstream….’ but with a beat that will keep you going all night !